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Customers shopping online want to know what your product can do for them, and they may not want to take the time to research everything about your brand before making a decision. We take the time for them, and get to know you and your product so that we can craft listings that showcase who you are as well as what your product can do for consumers. Our job is to communicate the true depth of everything your brand and products bring to the table. We discover exactly which features customers are looking for and ensure that they are clearly conveyed on your listing. We include relevant facts and benefits of your product that we know will help make a conversion.

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The content we create for you is produced and tailored to your brand’s products. We try to achieve a deep understanding of your brand and products so that we can communicate effectively.


Content that doesn’t get results is really only taking up space and wasting both your and the customer’s time. We research the most efficient ways to communicate with consumers of your product, which allows us to craft compelling content while furthering your brand message.


Stuffing your content with every compatible keyword might seem like a good way to increase rank on the results page, but it will turn customers away as soon as they read it. We discover the relevant keywords customers actually use to find your products and then we place them in naturally occurring spots within the copy so customers will take the time to read through your full product details.


Customers want to know details about your product, but they will likely skip over content that is too long, or not pay attention to what they are reading. Our content experts write copy that is skimmable and long enough to contain plenty of relevant information without the unnecessary fluff that wastes the reader's time.

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  • Amazon Creative Writing

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Selling on Amazon is an involved, demanding process that can make maintaining your ecommerce presence difficult if you do it all yourself. Whether you’re planning a brand overhaul or a single marketing campaign, Commerce Rev can offer our expertise to provide a clear path to success with a selection of services tailored to your specific needs on Amazon.