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off-amazon advertising strategies

We know how competitive online advertising can be. With most Amazon Sellers developing paid search strategies using Amazon Advertising developed services and ads, brands are looking for a new strategy to lift them above the competition. To give brands a new option for advertising their Amazon listings, Commerce Rev has developed off-Amazon advertising strategies to drive traffic to your Amazon listings and increase sales.

Now through off-Amazon Advertising strategies, you’ll be able to utilize Facebook, Sponsored Display Ads, Google Ads, and Email Marketing. Whether you choose to go with one of these advertising platforms or a variety, your brand will see results.

Expand your brand audience

By advertising through other platforms, you’ll be able to showcase your products to potential customers who may not have previously been able to see your product catalog on Amazon.

new targeting features

Through Facebook’s expansive targeting features, Commerce Rev will help you reach a larger range of potential customers based on your previous sales to drive further traffic to your Amazon listings.

utilize advertising giants

With most product searches on the internet beginning on Amazon or Google, it is important for a brand to utilize both. By splitting your advertising between the most heavily used search platforms, you’ll be able to expand product views and ultimately lead customers to your Amazon product listings to collect product sales.

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Amazon Sponsored Display


Sponsored Display ads allow you to retarget shoppers who viewed the detail pages of your products. This Beta feature targets these shoppers off-amazon driving them back to the product pages

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Facebook Advertising
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Messenger Bots

1.3 Billion people use Facebook Messenger every Day. Sell your products using Automated Facebook Messenger bots. Build ads and workflows that drive Facebook users to your Amazon Listings


Facebook is a digital advertising giant that offers many targeting features. Tap into this highly relevant traffic and drive them to your Amazon Listings. Our experienced team will strategize, create, and execute your Facebook ads.

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  • Amazon External Traffic

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Selling on Amazon is an involved, demanding process that can make maintaining your ecommerce presence difficult if you do it all yourself. Whether you’re planning a brand overhaul or a single marketing campaign, Commerce Rev can offer our expertise to provide a clear path to success with a selection of services tailored to your specific needs on Amazon.