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New to the online marketplace, Google Shopping Actions is giving Amazon some competition by maximizing brand visibility. Developed as an extension of Google Merchant Center, Google Shopping Actions is providing brands the ability to sell on Google Shopping and gain access to Google’s 1 Billion user base. As part of this new program, brands are able to take advantage of all Google Surfaces by selling on multiple platforms at once including desktop, mobile, and now voice.

Online shoppers are also benefiting from this new online program by experiencing an easier shopping experience. As part of Google Shopping Actions, customers will now be able to utilize a universal cart that will be shared across all Google selling platforms. So whether customers are shopping through the app or with Google Voice Assistant, customers will be able to save and use the same cart across all surfaces creating a cohesive shopping experience.

Even though this new “online mall” styled shopping experience is just getting started, we expect Google Shopping Actions to be one of the major players of online shopping. With Google Shopping Actions just getting started, the product competition has remained low. Get a jump start on your competitors by selling your products on Google Shopping now.

Where will your product be seen?

Google Search

Google Search

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Access Google’s 1 billion users

With hundreds of millions of people starting their shopping related searches on Google daily, Google Shopping Actions provides sellers the opportunity to access Google’s annual 1Billion user base.

Pay Per Sale Model

Google Shopping Actions only requires sellers to pay when Google generates a sale. Unlike with Amazon, sellers don’t pay per click or per action, which helps brands see increased conversions at a lower cost.

Sell across multiple platforms at once

Through Google Shopping Actions, sellers will be able to access and sell across multiple Google platforms at once, from a singular interface. Simply upload product data in Merchant Center, set up your brand store, and start selling across all Google surfaces.

Collect and utilize customer data

Unlike Amazon, Google will provide brands with customer data with no penalties. For any purchase that are made throughout the Google surfaces, brands will be able to gather the customer’s data to begin cultivating a customer base and engaging past purchasers.


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