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FBA or FBM? it seems like you're still thinking it over

Deciding which fulfillment type is best for your business is no easy decision. Sometimes you may need to evaluate your fulfillment method on an individual product basis.

Check out some of the factors below that you may want to consider when deciding the best fulfillment method for your Amazon listings.

Choosing between FBA and FBM

What factors should you consider?

1. Product Dimensions

Amazon's FBA pricing structure does not benefit large or heavy products. Choosing FBA for bulky items may reduce your profits through storage and fulfillment fees.

2. Product Popularity

Popular items that turn over quickly will improve your inventory score and won’t incur as many storage fees. Slower moving items may be cheaper to fulfill by merchant.

3. All Costs and Fees

FBA fees can be intimidating, but Sellers considering FBM should also bear in mind the cost of storage, shipping, packaging, and labor to fulfill their own products. Products fulfilled by merchant that do not qualify for SFP may sell slowly due to the loss of the Buy Box, resulting in reduced revenue.

4. Customer Reviews

Shipping speed and quality can heavily influence customer feedback. Amazon Sellers using FBA have less control over the customer experience, but they also have less to worry about when it comes to negative feedback.

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