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 In early 2019, introduced the Target+ marketplace, a curated assortment of products generated from third-party sellers. This invite-only program allows sellers to begin listing their products on These new products are seamlessly integrated throughout the Target website and provide customers with a new assortment of products that complement Target’s current assortment. 

Through the Target+ partnership, brands are given the opportunity to grow their business by connecting to a new customer audience. This boost will offer increased revenue and develop new customer relationships to enhance brand awareness and loyalty.

Target Private Market with Criteo Sponsored Products

It’s an opportunity for you to boost organic placements on via Criteo Sponsored Products & help you reach the right guests. Criteo Sponsored Products (CSPs) are native, cost-per-click ads that lead to Product Display Pages (PDPs), targeting lower-funnel shoppers.


Criteo is integrated with Target to provide real-time targeting of high-intent shoppers. Criteo gets your product in front of shoppers before they actively start their shopping journey.

Drive Traffic and Maximize Reach

Criteo Sponsored Products dramatically increase traffic to products on Target providing new products the opportunity to been seen, as well as promote cross selling with like-products.

Retail Specific

Target highest performing SKUs on with greater precision to maximize return and obait retail specific attributions.

Attribute Sales

With access to Target SKU-level data, Criteo closes the loop and gives brands the confidence to invest in winning strategies.


Drive Traffic and Maximize Reach

Retail Specific

Attribute Sales

Creative Content


Develop engaging product content to increase conversion rates on Through the implementation of optimized product content, informative product images, and creative enhanced brand content, brands have the ability to boost their product listings. Shoppers will be able to learn more about the brand's products, giving them confidence in the brand to make informed buying decisions.

User Generated Content

Through Target Plus & Curalate, brands will now have the opportunity to incorporate user generated content that has been shared through Instagram. Using a username or hashtag associated with the brand, content from the brand’s audience can be selected and shared on specified product listings. Through the addition of user generated content, brands will be able to tag content with products that they are already selling on, and gain the ability to showcase their products in real life, on real people, increasing SEO rankings and conversion rates

Social Engagement

Target Plus & Hey, Bullseye

Besides the ability to share user generated content on brand product listings, Target Plus has also implemented the opportunity to gain new reviews and incorporate existing brand reviews.

hey, bullseye

Hey, Bullseye Review Program

Through Target Plus’ Hey, Bullseye program, brands are able to gain reviews on pre-released, new or existing products. Hey, Bullseye selects a group of key guests to receive a brand's product and in return, they submit honest reviews. These reviews are placed directly on the product listing and can help products launch with helpful customer feedback on day one.


Share Existing External Reviews

In conjunction with Target Plus’ partner, Bazaarvoice, brands will have the ability to share previous brand reviews on Through their partner’s network, product reviews from external sources will be able to be selected and shared on a brand’s product listings. Additional product reviews will help buyers to put trust in a brand and make informed purchase decisions.


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