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Full Service Marketing for eCommerce

Commerce Rev can help you build a marketing strategy from the ground up with services tailored to your specific needs. Our experts perform in-depth SEO, manage Google Ads campaigns, drive traffic from social media sites, and connect you with customers through email marketing. Our marketing team takes a data-driven approach and our analytics tools help us ensure your long-term success.

Amazon SEO


Our search engine optimization service will help give your website a competitive edge. Commerce Rev takes a data-driven approach based on historic performance so that we can translate that data into sustainable, long-term success. The details put into SEO produce cost effective results that help increase visibility and sales. Our team will work to grow your website into a strong online presence for search engines and your customers.

Marketing Analytics

eCommerce is a complicated and ever-changing maze — we’ll use your historic data to help you navigate. Between web analytics tools like Google Analytics and your CRM, you are already off to a good start. Layer in advertising and social media data along with some state-of-the-art reporting, you are quickly on your way to some valuable insights about your customers, future trends, and your business. Stop “trusting your gut” and start being a data-driven marketer.

Social Media Management

Facebook and Instagram advertising allow us to target audiences like never before. Facebook’s data-rich platform offers us the ability to test, reach, and acquire customers. Let our social strategist run ads targeting the right audience. Multi-touch attribution allows for a better view of how your social campaigns are impacting your bottom line. Accounting for all costs and your business goals, we can focus on driving profitable sales or leads to your organization.