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With our Account Management Services

Commerce Rev can help you form the best strategy for your business across multiple marketplaces with our account management options. We’ll appeal suspensions and address concerns with support cases to ensure your account’s health. Our listing optimization will increase your listing page’s traffic and help boost conversions as your listings’ search results rank improves. Take advantage of our selection of services to meet your specific marketplace needs.
Marketplace Listing Optimization

Listing optimization

Boost conversions with Creative Content that complements the product detail page. We find the fine balance of information your customers are looking for when they search for your products so they’re not overwhelmed or uninformed. Keyword research helps us lead customers to the product detail page, where their interest is captured by striking imagery and content that explains uses and benefits with clarity.

Product Rank Monitoring

Understanding the trends of how your product ranks in search results is a great way to see how updates and keywords affect the listing and conversions. Historical organic rank tracking helps pull in more information so that you aren’t making marketing or optimization decisions in the dark. Commerce Rev will monitor organic product rank to gain in-depth knowledge of how your products perform.

Product Ranking
Marketplace Appeals & Cases

Appeals & Cases

We understand that an account suspension can have a lasting negative impact on your business if it’s not corrected quickly. That’s why we offer a streamlined approach refined from our experience with Marketplace’s expectations for Plan of Actions and Appeals. Even if your account was suspended in error, we will work diligently to initiate the appeal process quickly to provide you with the best outcome for your and your livelihood.

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