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Creating an effective list of keywords for the online Marketplace starts with thorough research to discover the phrases that customers actually use to find products. We place the highest converting search terms directly within the front facing copy, but backend keywords are a great way to include keywords that are relevant to your listing and may not naturally fit in your title, bullet points, or description. We don’t just throw filler words that may get a conversion every once in a while into the search terms. Each marketplace has their own set of guidelines and best practices that we ensure to abide by when building our list. Generally, keywords must be relevant, adhere to the site’s policy, and drive organic customer traffic.

Comprehensive Search Analysis

Cutting Edge

Our extensive tool collection contains software from multiple top market research developers as well as each Marketplace. We conduct in depth research and verify results from each of our multiple sources to make informed decisions.

Cross Platform

Our research isn’t limited to data from respective marketplaces, and includes the most relevant results from all over the web. We want to be sure that products will perform well in organic search results in all other marketplaces as well as search engines.

Competitor Analysis

We analyze and target top competitor listings in relevant categories to gain an inside look at the search terms your products will need to perform well and carve out a piece of the market.


We track listings’ performance in relation to high value keywords; the organic search ranking helps us determine the keyword’s success and if additional changes to keywords are necessary.

Keyword Valuation

We use our research resources to consider keywords for each product and then assign scores based on search frequency and relevancy. Only the very best performing keywords will make it onto a listing, and relevant search terms are placed in backend keyword lists.

Relevant Results

We dig deep to uncover valuable, high converting keywords that will be easier for your products to rank for. Finding these low hanging fruit gives new listings a boost to start competing with established listings.

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  • Marketplace Keyword Optimization

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  • Marketplace Keyword Optimization

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Creating and maintaining a cohesive Marketplace experience for your customers requires a strong strategy — and Commerce Rev takes pride in knowing we can supply you with the tools and data to form the best plan for your business. We offer comprehensive services to cultivate a unified identity for your business across webstores and marketplaces.