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Streamline your shipping operations by utilizing Commerce Rev’s warehousing distribution and fulfillment program. The end-to-end fulfillment program is designed to manage your company’s warehouse operations in the most efficient and cost conscious manner possible. Our clients can expect dedicated customer support, competitive rates, and end-to-end compliance, leaving you more time to focus on your business while we handle the logistics.

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Receipt and Put away

Receipt and Put-away

Our WMS data collection and scanning controls item and quantity on all inbound receipts and manages directed put-away controls. All items are measured for dimensions and weight which helps automate batch picking of like items for efficient packing.

Shipping Truck


We manage the freight and logistics for your customers whether FTL, LTL, or Parcel. Advance Shipping Notices (ASN’s) and SSSC labels are provided for all customers that require it. Our sizable freight volume provides you with competitive freight rates.

Order Processing


Our customer tailored WMS scripts will process orders individually, or in groups (waves) by account. Handheld scanning captures all data on the items picked. We have same day ship capabilities for direct-to-consumer business.

Compliance Management


Customer compliant labeling is performed on all carton and pallet shipments including UCC 128 labeling. Customized D2C packing slips are available by customer.

Inventory Control


Our ability to provide a personalized warehouse, combined with our customized WMS for receiving, order processing, and cycle counts, ensure inventory accuracy of 99.5%.

3rd Party Logistics


Forward picking locations are replenished automatically based on set min / max inventory levels.

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