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Wayfair is one of the largest marketplaces focusing on home products and categories. With categories including furniture, kitchen, and outdoor, Wayfair sells millions of products yearly, earning over 8 billion in sales. By their continued commitment to creating exceptional shopping experiences and building customer loyalty, Wayfair has earned their platform over 19 million customers. By partnering with Wayfair, sellers have the opportunity to gain access to this growing customer base resulting in boosted conversion rates, revenue, and brand awareness.
If Wayfair sounds like a good way to expand your business and sales, the first step to success is signing up to become a partner. From there, our team at Commerce Rev will walk you through the setup process to get your products listed and begin seeing sales.

Boost Listing Quality with our Optimization Services

Product Listing Optimization

Boost your listing’s performance and increase your conversion rate with creative content that complements your products on

Product Rank

Take control of how your products appear in search results by gaining insight into your product's rank. Through the combination of keyword and listing optimization, your products will see an increase in search results ranking and conversions.

Appeals & Cases

Keeping your account running smoothly is part of your selling success on any marketplace. Our team of content specialists will ensure your listings are active and running smoothly with a streamlined appeal process.

Enhance Product Listings with Creative Content

Our Marketplace experts work with you and your brand to develop and build Enhanced Brand Content, unique product descriptions, professional product photography, and more. These creative assets will enhance your brand and provide customers with a cohesive and informative shopping experience on

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Increase Visibility and Sales with Wayfair Marketing

Boost product visibility by utilizing strategic, performance-based sponsored product marketing campaigns that display products in relevant places for shoppers to interact with.
Drive external traffic to your product listings using advanced marketing strategies to boost sales for even the most mature products.


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Creating and maintaining a cohesive Marketplace experience for your customers requires a strong strategy — and Commerce Rev takes pride in knowing we can supply you with the tools and data to form the best plan for your business. We offer comprehensive services to cultivate a unified identity for your business across webstores and marketplaces.