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Walmart Fulfillment

Streamline your shipping operations by utilizing Walmart’s Fulfillment Services (WFS) program. The end-to-end fulfillment program will allow you to focus on your business while Walmart handles the fulfillment and customer support. Participating sellers can expect to gain increased product visibility and conversions with Walmart’s 2-Day Delivery Guarantee and their Free & Easy Returns program.

Walmart Fulfillment

What to expect

Walmart Fulfillment 2 Day Delivery

2-Day Delivery

Walmart will handle the picking, packing, shipping, and delivery to customers within two days.

Walmart Fulfillment Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Optimize your business by easily being able to track product levels, orders, and shipments.

Walmart Fulfillment Simple Pricing

Simple Pricing

Save on fulfillment with a fixed monthly storage fee and fulfillment price with no hidden costs

Walmart Fulfillment Omni Channel Returns

Omnichannel Returns

Walmart will manage all customer inquiries, refunds, and returns with their Free & Easy Returns program

Are you Eligible?

Product must ship to WFS from within the USA

Products are not perishable or regulated

Products weigh 30 pounds or less

Product dimensions are 25" x 20" x 14" or smaller

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