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Snugpak is an outdoor retailer delivering high performance camping and hiking gear internationally since 1977.

Snugpak partnered with Commerce Rev to begin managing their vast product line on Amazon. Our goal was to ensure that the entire Snugpak product line was successfully launched on Amazon by providing Amazon Optimization and Enhanced Brand Content services to ensure that each Snugpak product listing accurately represented the high quality products and strong brand standards.

As part of the product launch on Amazon, our goal was to also help clean up product listings that had previously been published by rouge sellers. Gaining control over these previously listed products helped to ensure that the Snugpak brand and products were represented accurately and cohesively matched the other product listings on Amazon.

In conjunction with Snugpak’s goal of selling on Amazon, our team worked to create a profitable Amazon Advertising strategy to drive traffic to the newly listed products. Within 3 months we were able to see a growth in Snugpak Paid Search sales, as well as higher conversion rates across the Snugpak product listings.

The team at Marketplace Rev is top notch. Very professional, creative and easy to work with. And they know their stuff! They always give us thorough answers when we have questions and have educated us along the way through the entire process. They have made our position onto Amazon a breeze for us! They have done a great job!
Lisa Sampson

PPC Advertising

increase yoy sales

The Commerce Rev digital marketing team developed Product Attribute Target (PAT) campaigns targeting similar and competitor items in order to increase YoY Sales. This strategy targeted inferior items with lower reviews and/or items with a higher sales price, influencing customers to click and purchase the Snugpak products. By also targeting Snugpak complementary items, the digital marketing team was able to defensively block competitor ads. From March 2019 to March 2020, Commerce Rev was able to grow paid search sales by 2,566% YoY.



Decrease yoy acos

By targeting brand keywords and successful search terms through SB campaigns, the Commerce Rev team was able to increase impressions, sales, and conversion rates. This strategy resulted in a 43% decrease in ACoS between March 2019 and March 2020.



Decrease aged inventory

During the holiday season, the Commerce Rev team was able to decrease Snugpak’s aged inventory through the creation of Amazon Coupons. Through the development of the coupon promotions, customers were offered an incentive to purchase older items from the Snugpak product line. The implementation of the coupons during the holiday season resulted in a 14% reduction in Snugpak’s aged inventory.




Snugpak Product Listing Page
Snugpak Product Listing Page
Snugpak Product Listing Page

Optimization of over 400 product listings

Snugpak had more than 400 product listings on Amazon that required listing updates to images, titles, bullet points, and descriptions. Commerce Rev was tasked with creating a cohesive brand experience across all Snugpak branded listings.


Our creative team gathered and reviewed client provided imagery and utilized it to create a full set of images for each listing. The images were created to brand standards to provide rich examples of product usage and features.

Our creative writing team focused on keyword research to develop listing copy that would increase organic search ranking without sounding artificial to customers reading the listing details. A brand voice was developed and used to increase customer trust and familiarity with the brand. 


Product Images Created
Listings Optimized

gain control over existing amazon product listings

There was a lack of listing control caused by unauthorized sellers submitting inaccurate images and listing information. Variation families were fragmented and mislabeled with incorrect variation themes or brand names.

Snugpak Product Listing
Snugpak Product Listing
Snugpak Product Listing


Commerce Rev created variation families for existing products without variations set up, and corrected the variation themes and brand names on the variation families that contained incorrect listing information.

Our team investigated the correct categorization of miscategorized product listings and created cases for those listings to correct the product category


Correcting and creating variation families made Snugpak’s product catalog more whole as it allowed customers to find and shop for size and color variations on one listing.

As products were placed into correct categories, listings that would have otherwise been missed by category restricted searches were able to be found among the organic search results, allowing customers searching by categorized keywords to find Snugpak products easier.


Develop A+ detail content for 120 Products

Snugpak and Commerce Rev worked to select a range of products that would most benefit from the use of A+ Detail on the listings. Many of these products required the A+ Detail to encompass a variation family’s differences.

Our creative team implemented A+ Detail on all parent listings, offering more in-depth information about products with the application of charts, feature icons, and the brand story.

The newly deployed A+ Detail provided a better shopping experience for customers as they can gain more information and brand messages than they would from a standard listing page. Customers using mobile devices also gained the advantage of having the A+ Detail at the top of the product page below the images.

A+ Detail Layouts Developed

Implement an amazon store featuring the complete catalog

Snugpak’s existing Amazon Store had an incomplete catalog that left many product lines out of customers’ reach through the brand store, causing product sales and rankings to fall.

The Amazon Store was updated to include multi-level product categories and pages for browsing, and the products that had not been added to the store were brought in to complete the Snugpak product catalog on Amazon.

The Amazon Store’s complete catalog offers a better shopping experience for customers as they can browse the entire selection of Snugpak products from one central location. Products that would otherwise be difficult to find in organic search results can be displayed and found more easily in the upgraded Amazon Store design.

Page Amazon Store Catalog
Snugpak Amazon Store

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