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Developing high performance, professional military, tactical, and police equipment since 1999, Tasmanian Tiger supplies products made from the best quality materials, resulting in premium functionality.

Having sold primarily in Europe, Tasmanian Tiger partnered with Commerce Rev to begin selling their approved products on the US Amazon Marketplace. One of the main challenges with working with this brand was their large product selection. With over 200 products, we began listing the Tasmanian Tiger products on Amazon in phases. As part of this listing approach we had to ensure all content, imagery, and designs closely matched the brand guidelines and voice so that each phase listed would accurately represent the brand and match the products that had been listed in previous phases.

This phased product listing approach also was applied to developing Enhanced Brand Content. Our creative team worked closely with the brand to follow all brand guidelines to develop eye catching A+ Detail layouts to visually showcase each of the Tasmanian Tiger products, providing customers with detailed product information. As a final part of the Enhanced Brand Content, our creative team also developed an Amazon Store for Tasmanian Tiger. To accurately match the products listed, the Amazon Store was also built in phases, adding new pages and updated designs that would provide an accurate view of all the Tasmanian Tiger products listed during each phase.

Tasmanian Tiger had never sold on Amazon before, but that hadn’t stopped other dealers from listing their products. As part of our Brand Protection program, our team worked closely with the brand to clean up rouge sellers on Amazon and gain control of previously listed products. This resulted in many Amazon Cases and accessing the full power of the Brand Registry to clean up the marketplace and fully maintain all Tasmanian Tiger products on Amazon.

We appreciated really liked how they handled our first major brand. As a result we gave them a second brand to manage one year later. Great folks and very professional.
Jeffrey Mason
Tasmanian Tiger

brand protection

Amazon Brand Registry

As part of Tasmanian Tiger’s expansion on Amazon, Commerce Rev worked with the brand to enroll in Amazon’swithin the Amazon Brand Registry. Through Amazon Brand Registry, sellers are able to have greater influence and control over their listings. Even though the client had never officially sold their products through Amazon, others had listed their products without approval. With the help of the Brand Registry, Commerce Rev was able to utilize this tool in an effort to identify and remove rouge sellers and product listings.

Amazon Cases

The Amazon Brand Protection team opened and submitted support cases to Amazon to address product listing issues. With the Amazon Brand Registry as proof of their brand’s representation, the Commerce Rev team was able to report violations and correct inaccuracies in product content that had been submitted by unauthorized sellers.

Brand Registry Logo
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3 Groups of Variant Product Listings

Tasmanian Tiger listings were separated into 3 distinct groups to ease the optimization process. These groups were made up of product lines with Color and Size variations that needed to be displayed on listings uniformly.

A total of 85 variation families were created on Amazon with variation themes of Color or Color and Size. The variations were determined by Tasmanian Tiger product lines, and give customers the ability to view all colors and sizes available on a single listing page.

Variant Product Listings

Listings Required Product Images

Tasmanian Tiger provided product images to Commerce Rev so our team could analyze them and begin building more images to take advantage of Amazon’s 7-image maximum for Seller accounts.

A total of 833 product images were created from the provided, 7 images per each unique ASIN. The images provide customers with quality visuals that clearly display product features and materials. All images adhere to Amazon’s policies and Tasmanian Tiger’s brand guidelines.

Product Images Created

New Items to List

Most Tasmanian Tiger products hadn’t been listed on Amazon before, and the company knew how important it was to present their products well to customers that would be seeing them for the first time. The listing content would need to be optimized before the products could be listed to present Amazon’s algorithm with the best possible content to display.

A total of 119 listings were created for Tasmanian Tiger on Amazon. Building on the brand’s existing content, optimized product titles, descriptions, and bullet points were created for all 119 listings according to the brand standards. Extensive keyword research was conducted to create a high quality list of relevant keywords.

Listings Created


Develop A+ detail Content

Since Tasmanian Tiger had no prior brand appearance on Amazon, the A+ Detail content would act as a way for customers to get to know the brand if they had no previous knowledge of it. Using the Tasmanian Tiger website and brand guidelines, the Commerce Rev creative team worked to develop A+ Detail layouts that would accurately represent Tasmanian Tiger. Since this brand would be listing their product catalog in a phased approach, the creative team ensured that the A+ Detail layout designs would translate well across each of the Tasmanian Tiger product categories. Commerce Rev delivered and implemented 85 A+ Detail layouts to encompass each of the parent listings for Tasmanian Tiger.

Implement a transitional amazon store

With the development of the Tasmanian Tiger Amazon Store, the main challenge the creative team faced was to make a store design that would be transitional and able to be updated in phases as new product categories were launched. Working closely with the brand, the creative team was able to evaluate the full catalog of products to accurately predict what the final store would need to be at the end of all product listing phases. This design resulted in a multi-level category and navigation design to fully and accurately showcase the full product catalog.

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