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Reactivate Your Suppressed Listings

Suppressed listings hinder your sales and success on Amazon. Although suppressed listings do not affect your Amazon account’s Inventory Performance Index, the ASINs are removed from search results, effectively hiding your products from customers. In the Suppressed Listings section of Seller Central, the reason for the listing’s suppression is displayed at the far right. Unfortunately, the displayed reason is not always accurate. 

Amazon suppresses ASINs automatically; a person does not manually check why your items are suppressed unless you open a case with Amazon Support. Commerce Rev understands the frustrations of suppressed listings, and we’ve developed a tactic through our own experiences that can help get your listings out of suppression and back to displaying for your customers so your products can start selling again.

Amazon Suppressed Listings

Our Approach to Suppressed Listings


We know that every hour of inactivity can be a huge drain of profits for your listings. We vigilantly monitor listings to ensure performance and are able to act quickly if we discover that a listing has been suppressed.


We detect the root cause of suppression within Seller Central. We ascertain if the cause is valid and take appropriate action, which can include opening a case.

Case Creation

Suppression takes place instantly and automatically, without human review, regardless of legitimacy. We file a case with Amazon Support as soon as we discover that your listing has been unfairly suppressed.


Occasionally the cause of suppression is not immediately apparent. In this case we contact Amazon on your behalf to reveal the root issue and what we can do to resolve it quickly.


If we determine that there is a legitimate issue with a listing, then we take steps to resolve present errors. We are experienced in adjusting both the client facing information, and back end details in Seller Central.


Once our case is successful, we closely monitor progress until the changes are reflected. Our Amazon experts deal with detail page control every day and will ensure that the ASIN is corrected and activated as soon as possible.

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