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You’ve carefully built and nurtured your brand. Now that you’re stepping into the Amazon marketplace, you need to protect it too. We offer brand protection services that will help control your brand’s appearance, monitor pricing, and deter unauthorized resellers.

Amazon Brand Registry

Brand Registry

Amazon allows brands with registered trademarks to defend their intellectual property through the Brand Registry. The Brand Registry allows you to report intellectual property rights violations at an ASIN and seller-specific level. Commerce Rev can walk you through the application process to ensure your registry goes smoothly and help you utilize the program to protect your brand.

Amazon Brand Registry

On Amazon, multiple sellers can provide information for a single listing. When unauthorized changes are made, the listing can provide inaccurate information to customers. Commerce Rev can utilize the protections provided by your Brand Registry account to prevent your brand’s listings from becoming saturated with misinformation.

Unauthorized resellers and MAP violators can cause chaos in the competition for the Buy Box, not to mention in customers’ minds as prices fluctuate unexpectedly. Our team can help you develop a plan for sellers violating pricing policies to discourage them from making unauthorized price changes to your products.


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Selling on Amazon is an involved, demanding process that can make maintaining your ecommerce presence difficult if you do it all yourself. Whether you’re planning a brand overhaul or a single marketing campaign, Commerce Rev can offer our expertise to provide a clear path to success with a selection of services tailored to your specific needs on Amazon.