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We know how much you believe in your products, so it’s time you show your customers too. A+ Detail Content is a completely free selling tool provided by Amazon that allows sellers to offer customers even more details about their products so they can make informed buying decisions.

At Commerce Rev we believe in providing your customers with thought out, detailed product information to ultimately lead to more conversions and happy customers. By utilizing Amazon’s A+ Detail Content, we are able to clearly illustrate your brand voice and accurately provide detailed product information to your Amazon customers.

A+ Detail Content is built within Amazon Seller Central or Amazon Vendor Central using five modules. Amazon provides 17 different module options, allowing brands to mix and match to create layouts that will best showcase their products and product details. With these templates, we are able to include infographics, images, descriptive product details, and more.

On Amazon product pages, A+ Detail replaces the product description that is regularly submitted for all product listings. But don’t worry about the missing description. A+ Detail content allows you to include your product description, plus additional content, product images, and much more.

A+ Detail Content is available on every single one of your listings. Whether you have a stand alone product or a family of variations, A+ Detail Content can be customized per ASIN to provide your customers with the most accurate product information, leading to a better customer experience and an increase in conversion rates.

why is A+ Detail Important?

Mobile-Friendly Responsiveness

Easily Configurable

Cross Sell Like-Products

Product Variation Customization

Illustrate Professional Designs

Increase Conversion Rates

Build Customer Loyalty

Develop Brand Image

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mobile-friendly design

With the majority of consumer shopping now coming from online sales, Amazon has ensured that their A+ Detail modules are also mobile friendly. Our experienced design team works to create detailed and eye-catching A+ Detail layouts that easily translate across all platforms to make sure that your products look their best, whether on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Bino Dock A+ Detail

creative design solutions

Our team of experienced designers work with your brand to ensure we adhere to your brand’s voice, guidelines, and customer’s expectations. We will review your catalog’s available product content and digital assets to accurately represent your brand and products. Need something new? Our team of talented creatives will work to provide digital design solutions that will not only clearly represent your brand but also drive traffic to your product pages.

creative review

We work closely with your company to accurately understand your goals and expectations. With your ideas in mind, our creative team will review all available product content and digital assets to begin developing A+ Detail layout designs that will accurately represent your products and brand.

a+ detail design

Whether designing with the digital assets provided or creating new graphics, our talented team of designers will create unique and eye-catching A+ Detail layouts that your brand will be able to review and provide feedback before being published.


Our happiness relies on your satisfaction, which is why our team works diligently to provide our clients with creative design solutions that will not only clearly illustrate the selling points of their products, but ultimately drives traffic to their product pages. With this philosophy in mind, our creative team only implements A+ Detail layouts once the client is completely satisfied with the final design.

TRC Splash Float A+ Detail Content
Firecreek Snacks A+ Detail Content
CJRB A+ Detail Content
Snugpak Cave A+ Detail Content
Top view working at desk with laptop

increase conversion rates

A+ Detail not only gives customers more details about your products, but also acts as a powerful selling tool to increase conversion rates. By providing customers with detailed and illustrative product content through A+ Detail layouts, you are in turn giving customers more confidence in their online buying. The added benefit of keywords and product copy provided in the additional layout design also influences traffic to your product pages, increasing your product views and ultimately your product sales.

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