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Receive FBA Reimbursements and Shipping Credits

Through our 30-point Amazon FBA Audit

Uncover Lost Savings and Claim them from Amazon

All businesses make mistakes, including Amazon. Within the Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) program, sellers have the potential to lose up to 3% of total sales due to errors that occur through management of FBA inventory and processing customer returns by Amazon. With our FBA Reimbursement software, we will uncover any errors and ensure you are getting the refund your business deserves.

FBA Reimbursements and Shipping Credits

Secure refunds from as far back as 18 Months

We’ll review all potential failure points in the FBA inventory cycle including the most common Amazon errors.

Inbound Shipments

FBA Fees

Inventory Handling

Customer Returns

Receive automatic refunds and credit

Receive Automatic Refunds and Credit

No longer manually review errors and incorrect charges in your shipping invoices. Our automated software will scan your account monthly to catch errors that can occur at any point in the FBA program. Through our 30-point scan we will ensure you are receiving the refunds and credits you deserve. Leave Amazon’s mistakes to us so you can start enjoying more of your profits.

Here's How it Works


Let's Connect

We will connect to your Seller Central account to begin the FBA audit to identify all present and past Amazon errors up to 18 months back.


Generate Results

We will provide progress reports to keep you up to date on our success so you know how much your account is saving and any refunds you are receiving.


If you don't save, you don't pay

There is no risk by partnering with us. We will invoice you for a portion of what you get back, but if no refund occurs, no payment will be required.

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  • FBA Reimbursements and Shipping Credits

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