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Marketplace Category Approvals

Gain Category Access for Your Products

Listing your products in the correct category is vital to maintaining accuracy within an extensive online product catalog. We know that applying to sell in some product categories or subcategories can be time-consuming and full of roadblocks. Commerce Rev has experience in applying for category access across a wide range of marketplaces so that your catalog won’t be restricted or listed incorrectly. We’ll be glad to walk you through the process of setting up listings in new categories to grow your business.

Selling Application Process


Commerce Rev will identify the correct category for your products based on each marketplace’s guidelines.


We will create a selling application for your category and supply the specified marketplace with the required documents from your business.


If a marketplace requires more documentation or a resubmission, we will work with you to provide them the correct information.


If your account is not authorized to sell in the category, your listing could be deactivated, and the marketplace may request more information.


We will upload your products to your account with the marketplace’s approval in the corresponding category.


Once you are approved for the category, you can create more listings in that category after the change is processed.

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  • Marketplace Category Approvals

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Category Application Documentation

The documentation required for a category application is dependent on the marketplace, as each has their own unique set of requirements. The information required by the marketplace can include invoices or other proof of purchase, detailed product images, or simple items such as a request letter. Submitted product images and documents should always include the product identifier and be high quality. Supplying proper documentation ensures a smoother application process and can lead to quicker response times, so you can start selling your products sooner.

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  • Marketplace Category Approvals

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Creating and maintaining a cohesive Marketplace experience for your customers requires a strong strategy — and Commerce Rev takes pride in knowing we can supply you with the tools and data to form the best plan for your business. We offer comprehensive services to cultivate a unified identity for your business across webstores and marketplaces.