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Whether your brand is just starting out or already established, eBay offers sellers the ability to grow. With a buyer community of over 170 million people, eBay provides new sellers with the opportunity to boost their customer audience and conversion rates by gaining more exposure. The eBay selling platform also offers a variety of additional services including powerful selling tools, seller protection, and marketing capabilities to provide brands with the confidence and support to ensure their selling success on the platform.

Commerce Rev will work with your brand to develop and grow your brand presence on eBay. From creating creative and compelling content to streamlining your account and listing setup, our experienced team will be with your brand every step of the way.

eBay Marketing

eBay Marketing

Promoted Listings increase visibility among billions of eBay listings allowing you to reach and engage with shoppings at each stage of their shopping experience.  Promoted Listings uses a cost-per-sale model so you only pay when a shopper purchases your item!

Boost product sales
Grow and defend market share
Excellerate product launches by driving traffic to the listing
Improve brand and product awareness
eBay Marketing
eBay ads

Boost Listing Quality with our Account Management Services

Listing Optimization

Boost your listing’s performance and increase your conversion rate with creative content that complements your products. Bold infographics, keyword rich titles, relevant and informative bullet points, and descriptions that contain the details that customers want to know before they purchase are all important features to develop when listing your products on eBay.

Category Approvals

Listing your products in the correct category is vital to maintaining accuracy within an extensive online product catalog. Our team will assist your brand by helping to identify the correct category for your products and will help walk you through the category access application process so that your catalog won’t be restricted or listed incorrectly.

Account Health

Making sure your seller account is running smoothly is part of your brand’s success on the online marketplace. We offer a streamlined approach to make sure your listings are active and listed correctly. Once all errors are fixed, we will provide you with recommendations to keep your account active and prevent future issues.

Creative Content

Enhance Product Listings with Creative Content

Our Marketplace experts work with you and your brand to develop and build Enhanced Brand Content, unique product descriptions, professional product photography, and more. These creative assets will enhance your brand and provide customers with a cohesive and informative shopping experience while they shop on eBay.

eBay Creative Content
eBay Creative Content


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Creating and maintaining a cohesive Marketplace experience for your customers requires a strong strategy — and Commerce Rev takes pride in knowing we can supply you with the tools and data to form the best plan for your business. We offer comprehensive services to cultivate a unified identity for your business across webstores and marketplaces.