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Boost Your Brand Image with A+ Content and Stores

Amazon Creative Content helps brand registered sellers and vendors increase traffic, conversion rates, and profitability. Share more product details, connect with customers in new ways, and construct a cohesive brand image by taking time to build A+ Detail pages and custom brand stores.

Amazon A+ Content

example a-plus detail layout

Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content and Enhanced Marketing Content have been around for a while and have both recently been combined under the A+ Content name. Brand registered sellers and vendors can develop exceptional product experiences by using images, detailed text, charts, videos, or brand stories. Adding A+ Detail to a listing helps the customer quickly gain a deeper understanding of your product and brand.

Images, videos, and text in A+ content are indexed by Google and help your listings stand out in search results outside of Amazon

Some of the biggest benefits of A+ content are the ability to set your listings apart from a sea of similar items on Amazon, improve customer shopping experiences, and drive performance on Amazon and beyond. Below are more of the main reasons for a listing to use A+ Content.

A Top Performing Listing Should Include:

  1. Grab customer attention by providing enriched graphics and content
  2. Easy for customers to skim
  3. Customers gain a better understanding of your product
  4. Increase conversion rates
  5. Improve customer confidence
  6. Clearly illustrate your brand voice
  7. Receive more reviews and higher ratings*
  8. Expect lower product return rates*


amazon images and video graphic

Images and Video

Images and video are some of the most important pieces of any listing. They are big facets of A+ Content, and all Amazon sellers should take the time to develop optimized creatives that compliment their products. In addition to including optimized informative images on listings, all brand registered users are now able to add product videos to their product detail pages.

High quality images and video can help boost conversion rates in ways that even the best copy can fall short

Customers say that videos help them to make buying decisions, and landing pages that include video have been shown to increase conversion rates by up to 80%*. Videos allow you to connect to consumers more deeply than text and tell your brand story. In an age of short attention spans, videos allow you to captivate your audience and get your message across without distractions.

96% of shoppers find video helpful and 79% would rather watch a video than read text on a page*


Creating images and video that tell your brand story and connect with consumers can be a complicated process. If you would like help to ensure that you present the most optimized product content that helps increase your profits, please check out our creative services.
Amazon storefronts

Amazon Stores

Showcase your entire product catalog and unique brand voice with Amazon Storefronts. Give your product catalog a cohesively branded home base by creating an Amazon Storefront. Customers that visit your store are presented with a visual shopping experience that encompasses your entire brand catalog and accurately represents your brand story.

Amazon Stores allow you to create a branded customer experience for your entire catalog

Creating a store is simple; each store includes a variety of pages that are based on Amazon provided templates that can be further customized using a drag-and-drop editor to include a range of sections and tiles. Each page, section, and tile is totally customizable, so you can create an informative and interactive shopping experience for your customers. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like help setting up your store, or creating high quality assets like photos or brand videos.

Benefits of an Amazon Store:

  • Showcase Brand Voice
  • Drive Traffic
  • Display Full Product Catalog
  • Increase Product Discoverability
  • Promote Customer Loyalty
  • Drive traffic from Sponsored Brand Ads
  • Easily update your store design for Holidays or other promotions

Customize your Brand

A+ content and Amazon stores increase traffic to your listings and allow customers to be fully immersed in your brand image and brand voice, they also increase the reputation of your brand and give customers more buying confidence. Creating a Storefront or A+ content that will give your products and brand the edge they need to succeed is a challenging proposition that should be thoroughly researched and planned, as well as executed to the highest level. Commerce Rev has many years of experience enhancing listings and creating custom stores. We are here to help elevate your brand whether it is only through a consultation, or if you need a complete Amazon overhaul.
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