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New Amazon Store Feature is Just in Time for the Holidays

Amazon recently introduced a new feature for Stores that could help make the holiday season more successful for sellers. You can now create a temporary version of your store and present a fresh design tailored to Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, or any other event. Amazon reports up to 35% more traffic to stores that have been updated within the past 90 days, so don’t miss out on potential holiday customers because your store displays old or irrelevant information. Capitalize on increased traffic by keeping your offerings and specials current. 

Amazon Store before and After
Amazon sellers have long realized the benefits of updating their stores during the holiday season. Common practices may include adding a deals widget, changing creative, or reorganizing pages. This usually achieved the desired results, but these changes had to be undone manually at the end of the holiday season.

The new scheduling feature allows you to create an entirely new store without making any changes to your current design, and it will automatically revert to normal on the date you choose.

Streamline the formerly painful process of changing store creative to align with major events by creating as many temporary store versions as you like and scheduling them for future dates. With the new feature, you’ll be able to view your store schedule and make adjustments to the dates that certain versions go live or edit a specific version as many times as needed before that date.
Holiday Schedule
Have you scheduled or decided to create your holiday store yet? Commerce Rev can make the process easy for you with our many years of Amazon experience creating custom stores and captivating creatives. Make the most of this holiday season with our help!
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