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The Crucial Role of GS1 Certified UPCs for Selling on Amazon

Are your UPCs ready for “Prime” time?

So, you’ve seen those TikTok or Youtube videos showing how you can make a fortune selling your product on Amazon. And now you’re ready to jump in the foray of online selling, collect your fortune and retire at an early age. But is your product ready? Specifically, have you done your due diligence regarding your Universal Product Codes or more commonly known as UPCs? Or did you find some questionable provider on eBay or a similar marketplace that sells barcodes?

To thrive on the platform, sellers must adhere to certain guidelines and standards, including the use of GS1 certified UPCs. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the significance of GS1 certified UPCs for selling on Amazon, why they are essential for your success as a seller on this e-commerce giant and how to prevent future issues with your UPCs.

What is a GS1 Certified UPC?

A GS1 Certified UPC is a unique 12-digit identification number assigned to a product, facilitating its tracking and management across the supply chain. These UPCs are issued by GS1, a global organization dedicated to establishing standardized identification systems for products, services, and locations. GS1 UPCs are recognized and accepted worldwide, making them an essential tool for efficient inventory management, traceability, and supply chain operations.

3 Reasons on the Importance of GS1 Certified UPCs on Amazon

1. Compliance with Amazon's Policies

Amazon places great importance on the use of GS1 certified UPCs to ensure the accuracy and consistency of product listings. When you create a new product listing on Amazon, you’ll be required to provide a UPC to identify your product uniquely. GS1 certified UPCs are the only universally accepted barcodes on the platform, ensuring compliance with Amazon’s strict policies. Using non-GS1 UPCs or recycled barcodes can result in your listings being removed or your seller account being suspended. From experience I’ve seen this happen on multiple occasions, where Amazon has accepted a non-certified UPC upon setup. But at some point, in the lifespan of the item, they remove the listing which halts all sales of said item. There is nothing like that pit in your stomach when all of a sudden you’re not seeing sales in your account.

2. Protect your brand

GS1 UPCs help protect your brand on Amazon. Unauthorized sellers can harm your brand’s reputation by offering counterfeit or subpar products under your listings. With a GS1 certified UPC, you have better control over your product listings, preventing unauthorized sellers from hijacking your listings and safeguarding your brand’s reputation. You did all the hard work of creating a great product, so don’t let someone ride on the coattails of your success and steal your thunder with cheaply made version.

3. Enhanced Visibility

If customers aren’t seeing your product, they’re not buying your product. So how do you get in front of more customer eyes? Amazon’s search algorithm uses GS1 certified UPCs to index and rank products. Proper UPCs contribute to better visibility for your products in search results and recommendations. The more visible your products are, the higher the chances of attracting potential customers and generating sales.


In the world of e-commerce, Amazon is the bar that all other marketplaces measure up to. Using GS1 certified UPCs is not only a requirement but also a strategic move for sellers looking to succeed on the platform. By investing in GS1 UPCs, sellers can build a strong foundation for their business on Amazon, ensuring long-term growth and customer satisfaction. GS1 certified UPCs are not just a barcode; they are a fundamental tool for success on Amazon, helping you stand out in the crowded marketplace and establish your brand as a trusted and reliable source of products.
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