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Up your amazon game with the brand dashboard

Manage every part of your brand’s Amazon presence in one place with Amazon’s Brand Dashboard. Available exclusively to Brand Registered Sellers, the Brand Dashboard exists to simplify the complicated task of optimizing your brand on the Amazon marketplace. Review Brand Health recommendations, optimize product listings, view recent customer reviews, and more. Learning how to navigate the vital data found with the Brand Dashboard is essential for any brand owner with a Seller Central account. Let us outline a few features of the Brand Dashboard with which you should probably be familiar.

Brand Health

Brand Health is the first component of the Brand Dashboard and provides Sellers with three data points to help improve overall brand health and success.

brand health
  1. Competitive pricing highly impacts the customer experience and is very important to Amazon. Improve your search performance and increase chances of winning the buy box by setting your price(+shipping) lower than the Competitive Price. Amazon assesses other retailers rather than other Amazon Sellers to determine competitive price.
  2. Prime Eligibility, very simply, helps you determine which of your ASINs are eligible for Prime benefits. It also reports on how many of your page views went to Prime Eligible and non-Eligible products, which might help Sellers decide if FBA or other fulfillment options are worth it for a particular item.
  3. In-Stock Rate shows you how many products are in or out of stock. This metric is calculated by the total page views of your items with available stock divided by the page views of replenishable items within the last 30 days. Going out of stock negatively impacts both the customer and seller experience, so this tool should help make it easier to keep products in stock.

Listing Optimization

The Brand Dashboard offers a variety of tools to help Sellers make the most of their listings and ensure that they are set up to drive results. The Conversion tool displays four key metrics that are needed for an optimized detail page.
  • First, you will see which of your detail pages are missing major attributes. Amazon will let you know which pages still need descriptions, bullet points, or images.
  • Amazon will display listings that have less than 5 reviews, which can negatively affect performance. This tool can help you ascertain which products to focus on with review assistance like Vine or similar programs.
  • Critical Customer reviews will display items that have recently received reviews of less than 3 stars, so you know which products may need reputation management or need to be improved.
  • Enhanced Brand Content Coverage features products without A+ detail. Enhanced Brand Content can improve a listing and connect with customers in unique ways. It is important for any highly competitive listing.
  • The Traffic Recommendations section features data on search terms and Sponsored Ads. You are provided with ASIN specific data that informs you which products have search terms that don’t meet Amazon’s best practices. For example, listings with duplicate search terms, or listings with terms that take up less than 224 characters.

    Brand Analytics provides valuable information that can be used to optimize a detail page. It is the only place for sellers to get search term data directly from Amazon.

    In order to make the most of the allotted 249 character search term field, the Brand Dashboard includes the Brand Analytics tool, which helps Sellers find relevant, high converting keywords. See keywords ranked by search frequency, and the top performing ASINs for every keyword. Brand Analytics is a powerful tool for the seller that learns how to make the most of its insights.
    Sponsored Ads Adoption provides recommendations for products that could use a boost. This list contains ASINs that do not have active campaigns and haven’t received any page views in the last 30 days. This tool provides you with insights to maximize your ad spend.

    Brand Benefits

    brand benefits

    Registered Brands on Amazon have access to a suite of tools that help to build their business. One of the most useful features is the ability to sort and view recent product reviews. A review will be populated in the tool within 24 hours of when it is published on the detail page.  The reviews can be filtered by ASIN, number of star ratings, or time period which makes this a helpful tool to stay on top of individual product performance and overall brand perception.

    Amazon has recently removed Seller’s ability to leave comments on reviews, but the ability to report potential abuse remains

    Other components of the Brand Benefits section allow you to manage A/B testing, create product bundles, and further optimize you listings. Registered Brands have the unique ability to create captivating and informative A+ content. Listings that engage consumers with premium content see up to 20% higher conversion rates! A+ content can include video that helps customers learn about a product in ways that just images could never do. In fact, 96% of shoppers say they find video helpful. Click Here to learn more about Enhanced Brand Content and how we can help your brand make the most of the product.
    Enhanced Content Builder
    One of the more powerful Brand Benefits is the ability to create a branded Amazon Store. This allows you to showcase your entire catalog in a single location and create a totally cohesive brand experience. Brand Stores allow you to drive more traffic, communicate with your unique brand voice, increase product discoverability, and promote brand loyalty. Please contact us for help setting up or optimizing your own Brand Store.

    It Pays to be Registered

    Helping Registered Brands to provide optimal customer experiences is what Amazon is all about. The Brand Dashboard is a way for Amazon to improve the Seller experience because happy Sellers create happy customers. The suite of powerful tools is becoming a one-stop shop for everything Sellers need on Amazon, and will surely improve as Amazon adds more functionality. If you would like access to the benefits offered by registering your brand and need help enrolling in the Brand Registry, please Reach out to one of our Amazon experts today!
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