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Top 5 Ways to Level Up your A+ Content on Amazon

You, like most other Amazon Sellers and Vendors, may have seen the stat that listings with A+ content convert up to 10% more customers, or that over 65% of people comprehend images and graphics better and more quickly than reading. So, you probably have some sort of A+ Content on your Product Detail Pages.
Simply having A+ Content present on your listings does set them apart, and it is better than not using Enhanced Content. However, that’s sort of like saying that losing in the first round of the playoffs is better than not making it, when you could easily win a championship with a few simple changes to your team.
A+ Content is your chance to set your listings apart, so use it to create a memorable experience. Here are 5 pro tips from our experts on how to take your listings to the next level.

1. Do the right research

Creating assets that tell your story need to be tailored to your brand image and voice, as well as your targeted customer. Make sure you are aware of specific wants as well as objections that your audience will have. Here are some ideas to consider when selecting content:
  • What sets your product apart from the competition?
  • What benefits are your customers going to be most interested in?
  • What are your product’s unique selling points?
  • How can you make the product information easy for customers to understand?
google keyword planner
When writing the copy for your A+ Content, keep in mind that it is not indexed by Amazon. The text and images in A+ Content are indexed by Google, so you should get your keyword search volumes from Google Keyword Planner if possible. You do need a Google Ads account with at least one active campaign to use the tool. If you do not have access to Google Keyword Planner, your usual method of keyword research will still be of some value.

2. Use the Right Assets

Your creative assets should put your product benefits on full display. You already know that you need to use high quality photography in your listing images, and this is especially true when it comes to A+ Content. Your goal is for customers to stop scrolling and focus on your product, so your images need to be special. Don’t use just any photos of your product. You should include a few unique product angles, and lifestyle photos if you have them. By the time that customers scroll down to the A+ Content, they probably already know what your product looks like. They want to learn about your brand and visualize how they will use the product.
EBC Example Image
Take the opportunity to create detailed infographics that emphasize product details. Customers may not read all of your listing copy, but they are more likely to read visually appealing content like these graphics. In fact, studies have shown that text with imagery gets 94% more views.

3. Don't Neglect the Design

You only have a small amount of space to showcase your product and brand. Design the space in a way that will capture a customer’s eye, and hold their attention. More specifically, Amazon provides users with the choice between 15 different modules. Each of these can be used to showcase a unique benefit of you product, but you can only use 5 modules: Choose wisely. It is a good idea to sketch out your rough design before building it, so you can get a better idea of how you plan on using the space.
You can use single image modules to communicate text in a more visually appealing manner, multi-image modules to highlight product features (multi image modules can quickly become over complicated, so don’t overdo it), comparison charts, and more. Make sure that your design communicates all of your unique selling points, and gives customers a reason to choose your product over the competition.
snugpak infographic
Perhaps most important of all is to use proper visual hierarchy. You may be tempted to try to make everything stand out in the small space, but doing so could ensure that your most important selling points are skipped over and forgotten. Make sure customers know what to look at and which pieces are most important. Doing this will capture their attention and then guide them through your design from point-to-point.
We recommend hiring a professional graphic designer in order to ensure that you tell your story effectively and use proper visual hierarchy.

4. Understand all policies and guidelines

amazon guidelines
Amazon may not index the text and images in your A+ Content, but they are still quite picky about what you can include. Follow these guidelines when creating both your listing and A+ content. Failing to adhere to Amazon policies could result in listing suspension.
  1. Do not use quotes or 3rd party reviews
  2. Do not include external links
  3. Use only unique content that you have written or paid for
  4. Do not mention other sellers
  5. Do not include symbols or special characters in your copy
  6. Do not mention business contact or shipping information
  7. Be aware of specific product policies and category requirements
  8. Do not offer guarantees or warranties
  9. Avoid boastful claims or opinions such as “the best”, “perfect”, “top-level”
  10. Do not use blurry images

5. Create Experiments

Amazon now offers built-in A/B testing for certain listing components. Parts of your listing that are more prone to quick customer attention, like A+ Content, present high value for testing. The ability to test and receive data on which layout or elements provide better engagement is a game changer.
amazon experiments
At the moment, Amazon only offers their own A/B testing for high-traffic ASINs. If your listings are eligible, you should take advantage of the tool. Experiments are an excellent method to give your listings that extra nudge they need to rise up the Best Seller Rankings.

Increase your ROI

High quality A+ Content is one of the best ways to elevate your listings and convert more potential customers. It even helps drive traffic from outside of Amazon. If you are unsure of how your listings perform, our team will evaluate your current A+ Content and make recommendations for improvement if needed. We will also happily assist in the creation of A+ Detail that stands out from the norm, or creating individual assets such as product images and video. We exist to build your success on Amazon.
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