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Top 5 Ways to get Amazon Reviews in 2021

Positive reviews are a critical, if not the most essential, factor in determining initial and overall success on Amazon. They are a key piece of every product launch and impact sales velocity moving forward. If you don’t get reviews coming in early, it can be difficult to gain momentum on Amazon.
Amazon has been making it even more challenging to obtain reviews compared to years past. Amazon has been cracking down on formerly commonplace tactics such as social media review groups, incentivized reviews like giving away free products, and more. To cap it all off, Amazon recently discontinued their Early Review Program!
There doesn’t seem to be a direct replacement for the ERP on the horizon, but Amazon has released several initiatives that they claim are increasing review velocity by encouraging customers to leave reviews. These include “One Tap Reviews” and “Global Review Sharing”.

One Tap Reviews

These are an easy way for customers to give feedback. Customers are only required to leave a star rating rather than include a title and detailed body text. This makes it easier for buyers because requiring a review title and review text takes more time than most people are willing to spend, and One Tap Reviews are fast and easy. Amazon solicits these reviews through notifications in the Amazon app, via email, and through Alexa if the customer has an Alexa device in their home.

Global Review Sharing

Global Review Sharing allows all reviews to be visible in all markets in which Amazon is present, regardless of where the product was purchased or where the customer lives. This is convenient for Sellers that have products for sale in multiple international marketplaces, such as Amazon US and Amazon Mexico. Unfortunately, single market Sellers are unable to reap any benefits from this program.
Amazon’s latest initiatives do in fact seem to be encouraging review volume growth. Data from Helium10 seems to show that One Tap Reviews are the greatest source of this growth. While the overall rating improves search rank and gives general insight into the product quality, many customers still prefer to read full reviews. So what are the best ways to increase the reviews of your own products in 2021?

1. Amazon Vine

The number one method of attaining reviews for a newly launched products in 2021 is Amazon Vine. All other review generation methods require customers to buy your product first, which can make it difficult for a fresh launch to gain sales and review velocity. Alternatively, in the Vine program, Amazon will share your product with its legion of “Vine Voices”, who will leave honest feedback about the product. The reviews are not guaranteed to be positive, but Amazon requires them to be detailed rather than just a rating and short description.

How much does Vine cost?

Amazon Vine is free of charge. The only cost to Sellers is the price of the products enrolled in the program.

How many reviews can I get?

Each product can receive up to 30 reviews while in the program, which includes prior reviews that you have earned outside of the Vine program. For example, if your product has 0 reviews when enrolled, it can receive 30 Vine reviews, but if your product has 20 reviews at the time of enrollment, it will receive a maximum of 10 reviews.

Which products are Eligible?

  • Sold in a professional Seller account
  • Be enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry
  • Have fewer than 30 reviews on the product detail page
  • FBA fulfilled and available in “new” condition
  • Launched at the time of enrollment
  • Have available inventory
  • Have an image and a description

2. Manually Request a Review

As stated earlier, Amazon will occasionally request a review on your behalf, but counting on them is not a proactive method of doing business. Instead, Amazon allows Seller’s to click the “request a review” next to every order in your Seller Dashboard. Doing this will send a templated email from Amazon that features your product and asks for the buyer to give feedback. The emails include your product title and image and allow customers to leave either a One Tap Review or a more detailed version if they choose.
manually request review
One major advantage of using Amazon’s automated system is that you never have to worry about contacting the buyer yourself and accidentally using words against Amazon policy that could get you in trouble.

This time-consuming process can be made a bit faster if you use the Helium10 browser extension. The extension allows you to manually request reviews for up to 100 orders at a time, which greatly speeds up the process, but still requires manual effort on your part.

3. Jungle Scout Review Automation

Similar to the “request a review” automation in the Helium10 browser extension, the other popular Seller tool, Jungle Scout, offers their own review automation. This particular version is even easier and requires no work on your part other than the initial work to connect your account to Jungle Scout and turn on review automation.
Once you have completed the initial setup, Jungle Scout will automatically request a review for every product order. The service will track every order and the status of each review request, meaning that you can easily see which orders have had a review request sent and which are still pending. You can even view review request data over time as a visually appealing chart. As a fun bonus feature, Jungle Scout will tell you exactly how much time you have saved by allowing them to request your reviews. For example, one of our larger clients has saved almost 11 hours over the last month, which is more than a whole business day’s worth of time. What could you do with an extra 11 hours every month?

4. Helium10 Review Automation

Helium10’s review tool, which they call “Follow-Up”, offers one bit of functionality that separates it from Jungle Scout. Follow-Up will allow you to create your own custom email template that is sent to buyers. This is a potentially powerful form of communication for any buyer that prefers a personal message rather than a mass generic email. This gives you a chance to say something that will catch a customer’s attention: something that makes them pause before skipping over the email in their inbox.
custom email template
Bear in mind when crafting your custom emails, that Amazon has strict policies about what Sellers can say to customers. Sellers can NOT say anything that makes it sound like they are attempting to solicit a positive review, i.e., “we’d love it if you gave us 5 stars”. That particular tip may be obvious, but the policies get a little trickier than that. You also can’t say anything like “We hope you liked our product” because implies that you hope they give you a good review. We recommend sending a proof of the email template to Amazon Seller support to be approved before sending it out to customers. This is still not 100% foolproof, but you will have a copy of the approval message to show Amazon if they suspend your account for any email copy.

5. Do nothing and hope that customers like and review your product

You only need to make sure that you use high quality suppliers and only provide the highest quality product at a highly competitive price and everything will be fine…
This tip is a joke, thrown in to hammer home the point that, even with a great product, you cannot sit idly by and hope for success. Sure, things may miraculously work out every once in a blue moon, but if you’re like us, you would rather be proactive than reactive. Get ahead of your Amazon reviews before it’s too late!

Final Answer

When it comes to our client’s products, we recommend using Jungle Scout review automation because of the easy-to-use interface and the great data reporting tools. We also recommend enrolling products in the Amazon Vine program at launch.
That being said, manually requesting reviews is a perfectly fine method if you have a smaller catalog and want to take an active hand in managing customer feedback. Helium10 Follow-Up is also a powerful tool if you want to write your own content and give your requests a personal feel.
The most important point to take home is that any of the above methods (except #5) can work, and it is crucial to take action rather than passively wait for reviews to pile in. Our experts can help with both initial review generation as well as negative review assistance and reputation management. Take the next step and contact us so we can help build your reputation on Amazon and beyond.
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