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You Launched a Product on Amazon, Now What?

What’s the difference between adding a product to Amazon and a proper Amazon product launch? Maybe you’ve done product research, keyword research, and written some top-notch product content that is optimized for your target audience. You uploaded your product and go live. Days go by and you’ve had maybe a few orders but nothing like what you were expecting, so what happened? You are indeed selling on Amazon, but you haven’t done everything you need to do to start down the path to profit. A successful Amazon product launch must nail details like category research, pricing, reviews, sales velocity, advertising, and more. 

amazon category research

Category Research

Customers need to be able to find your products to buy them. Companies spend millions on marketing to figure out how to accomplish that. On the Amazon marketplace, that starts with ranking high for target keywords and in your chosen category. Amazon is organized into hundreds of sub-categories and many products can potentially fit in to several of them, so why does it matter? Choosing the correct category can be a crucial step that determines whether your product will be easily visible in search results.

Finding the correct category can help propel your product up the Best Seller Rankings list, but it isn’t rocket science

A category with many high ranking products is a good sign that your product could do well and is the first element worth your consideration, but it isn’t the most important detail. Placing your product in the category that customers will look for it is vital to its visibility. For example, customers looking for winter gloves would be unlikely to find your product if it was listed in the fishing lure category, and it would likely not be able to move up in category rank. Our product launch specialists understand the nuances of category performance and will be more than happy to help you out.

Pricing and buy box


Setting the right price that will ensure profit for you, and add to your product’s value in customer eyes is critical to a product launch. Price factors heavily into both Amazon ranking and winning the Buy Box. You don’t need to be the cheapest, but you should offer plenty of value in the product and have high account metrics such as Seller rating, inventory performance, units ordered, and more. This makes it difficult for a new product to set a high price and be successful. Many sellers seek to resolve this issue by offering an Amazon coupon.

Factoring Amazon expenses such as seller fees, referral fees, fulfillment and storage fees into your product price is vital for Amazon success

Offering a discount on a new product can be a great way to move lots of units very quickly, and likely generate some reviews in the process. Promotions need to be timed properly to coincide with your product launch and ensure they are approved by Amazon. Every promotion created in Seller Central requires a 4-hour window before in goes live. It is also important to set the proper duration of your sale; many experts recommend a promotional period of about 8 days. Any shorter may not result in enough sales to generate velocity of reviews, and longer promotions will likely decrease profitability.

product reviews


The vicious cycle of needing product reviews to sell a product, but not being able to get reviews without sales has derailed thousands of otherwise promising products. There are many different strategies for acquiring product reviews and Amazon even offers a few programs to help sellers launch a new product. Consider enrolling your product in the Amazon Vine program, or make use of review automation software.
Amazon Vine is a program that generates honest reviews from select trusted individuals known as Vine Voices. Amazon created the program to fight back against underhanded or illegal review tactics. If your product is selected for the Vine program, Amazon will send samples to the Vine Voices and ask for reviews. These individuals are not compensated and are encouraged to provide completely honest feedback, so the reviews are not always positive, but the program is free for sellers. If you would like to learn more about Amazon review programs, click here to read more or to get in contact with us.

Amazon Vine Voices are not compensated for their services in order to help prevent bias and ensure honest product reviews

amazon advertising


Expecting a new product to perform well without sales, reviews, or marketing can be a costly mistake. Investing in advertising is one of the best moves to make to ensure a successful product launch. On Amazon, this means using your keyword and competitor research to identify target keywords that present a good volume of searches while not being too expensive. Helping customers find your product though advertising can inject life into a new product and usually helps customers to trust the product more. A good Amazon advertising strategy should contain a mixture of Amazon and external ads, such as on the Google platform or social media. Our experts at Commerce Rev can help you integrate these tools and drive more traffic to your new listings.

Contact our team for help on how to leverage unique Amazon tools such as coupons, lightning deals, and promotions to increase your product's visibility

Common Mistakes

Here are some of the common mistakes we try to avoid when launching a product. Contact us if you would like help ensuring your products stay out of these traps.
  1. Ignoring Amazon policies
  2. Not doing competitor and keyword research
  3. Not performing category research
  4. Not pricing a product competitively
  5. Not calculating all your costs and Amazon fees when determining product price
  6. Not offering a coupon to generate sales
  7. Choosing the wrong coupon duration
  8. Not enrolling in an Amazon review program
  9. Too little or no advertising budget
  10. Targeting too many Keywords

Tackle The Impossible

Getting a product launch right involves many moving parts and sometimes seemingly impossible tasks such as generating reviews from scratch or making your way up a best seller list full of established products. The most important thing is to do your research and take advantage of any help you can. Our team offers years of Amazon experience and thousands of product launch success stories. Let us help take your recent product addition from a new listing to a best seller. 
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