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Our vision for the launch of Commerce Rev was to act as both a guide and hands-on partner to help businesses navigate this ever-changing Amazon landscape. Let us introduce you to some of our new Amazon-specific capabilities and services. Whether you’ve started or even considered selling online in the past 25 years, you probably know that remains at the center of the online marketplace universe – and it should be a major part of your business model. Commerce Rev has the capability to optimize both Seller and Vendor Central account listings with content designed to drive conversions. Our Keyword Research, Creative Writing, and Product Photography services are each major components of our optimization process.
Making the Most of Amazon Optimization

Making the Most of Amazon Optimization

The optimization process starts with thorough keyword research in which we rank hundreds of keywords and use the very best ones in your listing copy. We craft listings that convert by using these keywords in naturally occurring places within the copy rather than keyword stuffed titles and bullet points that look like they were written by a robot. Our research helps us discover exactly which features your potential customers are looking for so we can highlight the right information in the listing copy. Comprehensive product photography, including lifestyle images, creates a visually compelling listing that is easy to understand and helps customers learn more about the product. For eligible brands, A+ Content can offer your customers a closer look at your products. A+ Content allows you to add more information about your products, including charts, additional features, and more imagery.
Amazon A+ Detail Content
Optimizing your product listings is a great way to rank high on the Amazon results page, and turn more clicks in to conversions. Amazon advertising like Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Amazon Product Display ads are also a great way to drive more traffic to your listings that wouldn’t normally be found through organic search. Our experts can help with creative ways to bring customers to your listings through Amazon advertising and tools such as Google Ads to drive external traffic to Amazon. We consider only the most cost effective and profitable methods when formulating your Amazon advertising strategy.
Reviews are a critical component to listing optimization
Reviews are a critical component to listing optimization as well. Acquiring product reviews can feel like an endless cycle to new sellers; a product needs sales to get reviews, but it won’t sell without them. There’s no need to come up with the secret formula or break any Amazon rules to start your product strong. Commerce Rev can help you take advantage of Amazon programs such as Early Reviewer, Vine, and Born to Run that provide legitimate sources of reviews for new products.

Keeping Your Amazon Account Healthy

Amazon seeks to provide customers with the best experience through policies designed to ensure listing accuracy and high performance standards, and selling on Amazon means playing by the rules. Keeping up with the list while managing a large product catalog is difficult, if not impossible. Failure to abide by Amazon policies can result in suppressed listings or a suspended account, even if the violations were accidental. We are here to help you in either case. A Plan of Action must be well researched and specific. Amazon employees don’t always take the time to delve deeply into every case, so everything needs to be spelled out to the letter. We have extensive experience with crafting Plans of Action and Appeals to offer your account the best chance of reinstatement.
Amazon Appeal Process
Suppressed listings won’t appear to customers in search results and can cause your business to bleed revenue from lost potential sales. Our process involves extensive research into the specific reason for a product’s suppression before we create a case. Our experts file cases every day and are experienced in the most common causes for suppression and methods that can be leveraged to reactivate the listing. Maintaining listing quality also means maintaining the optimal inventory levels. Selling through your products is a good thing but going out of stock and stagnant long-term storage can cause your listing to be inactive or hamper your Inventory Performance Index. Our logistics experts will help you create an FBA strategy that maximizes your profits and metrics. We also invite you to use our extensive warehouse as a shipping hub when expanding your logistical abilities. We can store your items in bulk and create shipping schedules to FBA warehouses that keep you products in stock and your index performance high. If your business is new to Amazon or to fulfillment, we can provide training in Fulfillment by Amazon, Seller Fulfilled Prime, or 3rd Party logistics. Let us help you discover which option is best for your business.
Amazon Shipping and Logistic Services
We set out to make Commerce Rev the ideal partner to help you succeed in online retail. Our promise to you is that every decision we make and step we take on your behalf will be in what we feel is the best interest of your company and will maximize your profits. If you would like to learn more about our capabilities, we’d love to hear from you.
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